Highway Casino Review

Our attention is sure to be attracted to the darkly built Highway Casino. The use of cars as a background gives the site an urban feel. It is easy to navigate the site, thanks to the clear and concise design. In addition to its international license, the casino is a reputable site for players all around the world.

You will find a number of different games on the homepage of the site. You can choose from a variety of slot machines, table games, video poker games, and other games.

As well as the plethora of games, we can also take advantage of welcome bonuses, discounts, refund deals, and usable codes. Security is the main goal of the site when it comes to payments and experience, so we don’t have to worry about losing our money, because it’s fully legitimate and secure. We have customer service available 24/7 for us on all days of the week, so withdrawals are as fast as deposits.

Highway Casino has provided a comprehensive review of the website in this post, so anyone looking to try the enthralling site for the very first time should find it helpful.

Deals and Promotional Offers Exclusive to Our Customers

Our site is very generous and offers us a variety of promos and discounts to choose from. Old users and new users alike can take advantage of many offers. An overview of these and other offers is provided below.

My primary and secondary payments would be eligible for an additional 255% exclusive promotional deal after I completed the registration process. In order to successfully get this exquisite deal, I needed to complete a minimal payment of $10 for my Neosurf payment. To redeem the promotional offer above, I had to wager a value 33 times higher than the value of my payment in order to play slots, real-time video slots, keno, bingo, and board games. I needed to wager a value 25 times my payment value for Bitcoin and Neosurf deals. To get this amazing deal, you have to make a wager 35 times greater than the amount you paid. Another 100 spins will be provided free of charge in their Wild Hog Luau game.

  • New Game Bonus

Based on the amount I paid under this above-mentioned deal, I was able to access numerous promotional offers. With a minimum payment of $50, I could receive an additional 170% promotional deal, with a minimum payment of $100, I could get an additional 200% promotional deal, and with a minimum payment of $150, I could get a 250% promotional deal. It is important to note, however, that promotional offers mentioned above are only valid for slot machines, real-series video games, and bingo, keno, and table games. Lucky Buddha may be a free game where we can get 35 free spins. Upon receiving the bonus, I needed to wager at least 33 times the amount I paid, and for LTC, BTC, Neosurf, and ETH, we needed to wager 25 times our paid amount. In the above promotional offer, there is no major withdrawal limit.

  • Holiday Bonus Drive

I was further provided with a total of 130 spins for a tiny $50 payment, 210 spins for a $75 payment, and 300 spins for a minimal $100 payment. It is important to note that the free spins offered with this deal can only be used for the Hyper Wins game. The betting is valid for slots, real-time video slots, bingo, and keno games. I was sadly unable to take advantage of this lucrative deal more than once per day because the amount has to be at least 25 times the value of the game.

  • Happy Weekend Bonus

155 free spins can be obtained only for transactions involving a minimum of $30, 180 free spins for transactions involving a minimum of $50, 200 free spins for transactions involving a minimum of $80, and 250 free spins for transactions involving a minimum of $100. The spins can only be used on slot machines, real-series video slots, and keno, bingo, and table games. To redeem the gift deal, we must wager 25 times the amount of our deposit value. The spins may only be used for free on Mardi Gras Magic games. The above gift deal could only be used on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

  • Cashback Offers

As part of the page, we can also take advantage of a host of cashback offers to keep us engaged. I was able to take advantage of deals ranging as high as 40% for any game I wanted. It is possible to receive slot cashback for slots, real-series video slots, keno, bingo, and table games, but the bet must be 44 times the amount paid. A withdrawal is allowed up to five times the amount deposited. In addition to blackjack and video poker, multi-hand video poker and Three Card Poker were included as well. However, the minimum amount to withdraw is 5 times the amount we deposited, and the maximum amount to withdraw is 55 times the amount we deposited.

As soon as I reached their VIP level “2XTREME” or higher, I was entitled to a 10% weekly return. Every Monday, we receive a cash refund for the payment we made the previous week. We decide what game to play. If we reach the level of “DEADLY COOL” VIP or higher, the website also offers one refund each month. Each refund is given out on Monday, and the game we choose is completely ours.

  • Top Roller Bonus

Upon making a small payment of $100, I received a 220% promotional offer with 30 spins for free, a 240% bonus on a small payment of $200 and 40 spins for free, and a 260% bonus on a payment of $250 with free 50 spins and 60 spins, as well as a 280% bonus on a payment of $300. In order to qualify for this bonus, we need to bet at least 33 times our payment value on slots, real video series, and keno, bingo, and table games. However, if we make a Neosurf deposit, we must bet 25 times our deposit. The free spins can only be used at casinos offering Vegas Lux.

  • BTC and Neosurf Bonus

It is possible to receive this offer by making crypto payments with BTC. The promotional deal I received for a $30 payment was 160%, the deal I received with a $50 payment was 190%, the deal I received for a $80 purchase was 220%, the deal was 240% for a $100 purchase, the deal was 260% for a $150 payment and the deal was 285% for a $200 purchase. In all cases, the promotional deals apply to real-time video slots, slots, keno, bingo, and board games, with a wagering requirement of 25 times the amount of the payment.

Neosurf users received a promotional deal of 160% when making a $10 payment, a promotion of 190% when making a $50 payment, a promotion of 220% when making an $80 payment, a promotion of 240% on $100 payments, a promotion of 260% on $150 payments, and a promotion of 285% for $200 payments.

VIP Program

We can sign up for the casino’s VIP program called the High Roller Club to receive even bigger mouth-watering deals. All in all, there are six levels in the High Roller Club.


We get a 190% membership bonus, $2000 maximum payout, $20 slot limit, and 35% daily return.


We may obtain a 210% membership bonus, $2500 maximum payout threshold, $30 bet slot, and up to 40% refund daily.


We receive a 230% joining bonus, a payout threshold of $3000, a $40 bet slot, a personalized VIP host, and a CB program specially designed for them.


We receive a 240% joining bonus, $3500 payout threshold, unlimited betting, a personal VIP host, a VIP CB personally designed plan, and a 5% weekly return.


We receive a 250% joining bonus, a $4000 payout threshold, unlimited betting, a VIP host, a custom-designed VIP CB program, 7% weekly, and a 5% refund monthly.


We are provided a 280% joining bonus, $4500 payout threshold, no slot limit, VIP hosting, a VIP CB custom-made plan, 10% weekly, and 10% monthly return.

Overview of Games

There are a lot of different types of games available on the casino website, so we’re bound to find it difficult to pick the right one. Whether you’re looking for online slots, live market games, video poker, table games, or specialty games, the site has it all.

  • Online Slots

Our list of online slots is just full of options, from the classic Cleopatra to the Hawaiian-inspired boar changer. We can satisfy our most adventurous expectations with these versatile games. Having an enjoyable time on the site through online slots is possible because of the user-friendly website and customer satisfaction policy.

  • Table Games

In addition to the variety of casino games offered on the platform, there will be an explosion of these games, which are two of the most sought-after games, so we need not travel to a real casino to enjoy them. The site will also feature a variety of these games in addition to the special offers.

  • Video Poker

You can also practice your skills while earning some money at the same time using our video poker section on our website. Our video poker games are available in one-handed and multi-handed formats, so you can experience the feel of being at a real casino while playing.

  • Special Games

In the dedicated games section, we have classic games that are quiet and relaxing. Since these games don’t include any learning, even if you are new, you can enjoy the endless game without having to think.

  • Live Dealer

It is possible to play several popular games with live dealers, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Super6 using a live interactive panel, which gives us the best chance at experiencing a game in real time.

Game Provider

Known for having the best kind of gaming experience with rich graphics and attention to detail, Forelity Solutions N.V. controls and operates the site. We are assured of receiving the best kind of gaming experience with the best kind of graphics and the best level of attention to detail.


Since the site is accessible to users worldwide, it places a high priority on user safety and security. The site strives to provide our users with a healthy and safe online environment.

  • Deposits

To keep things safe and secure, the site offers a variety of deposit methods. The most important part of user reviews and information is the deposit. Using a Visa, MC, Discover, or Amex credit card, I could deposit up to $1000 with a minimum of $30. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can also be used to make flash deposits for $30. No upper limit is set.

Our deposits can be made with Litecoin for as little as $30. There are no major limitations on Litecoin deposits. Our Ethereum deposits can be made for a minimum of $50 on the site. However, any deposits under $50 will not be included and will not be refundable. In addition to Neosurf deposits, we can also deposit a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $250 with Neosurf.

Depending on our location, we may employ different investment methods.

  • Withdrawal

We are required to complete the KYC confirmation process in advance in order to be able to withdraw money from the page. This is a three-step process we must complete beforehand. In order to verify our identity, we need to upload our government-issued identification and proof of residence. Once our identity verification process is complete, our deposit verification process begins. To receive payment, I had to download a special form, complete it, and attach a photo of my credit card used to pay for it. I did not need to verify the payments I made via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Neosurf. Wire transfers will require the bank to provide wire instructions. For crypto, screenshots of our Bitcoin wallets will be required.

The minimum transfer amount is $100 and the maximum amount is $2000 per week using Visa, MC, Discover, and Amex. Our funds will be delivered in 4 to 5 days with this method. It takes 48 hours to withdraw with BTC for a minimum fee of $100 and a maximum fee of $2000 a week. I was able to withdraw directly from the bank wire for a minimum fee of $300 and a maximum fee of $2000 per week.

Player Support

Whenever you encounter a problem with the site, you can turn to the casino support team for help. Customer service is one of the primary goals and we can communicate with employees as follows:

  • Live Chat

The live chat feature on their website allows us to contact the team directly if we are experiencing any trouble or have any issues. We have experienced the fastest response time from the support staff and they will resolve our problems quickly. The disadvantage is that this service is only available after you have registered on the site.

  • Phone

Using the site, users can reach customer service by phone directly. I was able to register my complaints directly with them by calling +1 888 699 3672 / + 61 1800 921 457. Despite the fact that support is only available in English, we may find it challenging to communicate if it is not our language of comfort.

  • Email

To reach our support team, send an email to [email protected] Employees respond quickly during working hours, usually within 24 hours. This is the best way to contact the support team.

Commitment to Safety and Play

The page does all it can to protect us from being immersed in a dangerously addictive gambling environment. Gambling can be thrilling, but it can also be frustrating at times. As part of its responsibility to reduce the negative effects of gambling, the site has a gaming policy. In case of addictive gambling behaviors, customer support can be contacted at [email protected] for free assistance and help.

There is no doubt that the site is 100% legal when it comes to trades and services. All business transactions are made using 128k encryption SSL technology to ensure the safety of funds and protect our site from credit card fraud and cyber-attacks.


For anyone who is interested in trying their luck online, this website is safe and sound because of its high emphasis on customer service and safety. In addition to providing a variety of game options, the site also offers bonus offers and membership discounts, so we won’t feel left out after joining. I was able to access the site on both my computer and my phone.

This casino is legit and can be accessed anywhere in the world thanks to its 100% legal security. In addition to providing us with a safe and secure server to enjoy games without compromising our privacy, the site is a casino platform for those seeking new opportunities and adventures.

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