New online casinos Australia 2022

New online casinos suitable for Aussie punters appear every month. During a year, their amount can be dozens. Dozens of high-quality gambling houses, which attract new gamblers with sets of multiple advantages, including:

  • generous welcome bonuses (that may or may not require depositing of real money)
  • free spins
  • multi-tier bonus systems
  • progressive jackpots
  • compatibility with various devices, including Android and iOS phones (some of them come to market straight with exciting apps for smartphones to attract a wider audience)
  • ripper workability, speed, and design of websites/apps making it interesting and enthralling to play
  • games delivered by many vendors (to bring the diversity in the house) in amounts that often exceed 1,000 pokies
  • fine programs of loyalty for different players, from newcomers through high bettors/oldies and to VIP
  • around-the-clock support through various channels
  • friendly for Aussie gamblers and accepting local currency
  • live dealer games
  • lotteries and tournaments
  • acceptance of many exotic channels of payment, including bitcoins and altcoins
  • regular or occasional promotions for all players.
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Features of bonuses of new online casinos Australia 2021

Some of those casinos we’ve seen appearing on the market are as generous as it possibly could be, as they offer up to AUD 10,000 as welcome bonus! Sure, not all of those bonuses come for free (as a sign-in welcome bonus) and they’re granted mostly for depositing. Still, if you’re looking to whirl up your gaming leverage, such tremendous amounts are exactly what you should look for. Some other online casinos, on the contrary, are not as thrilling in their bonus flamboyance, as they only provide some hundreds of dollars of the offering.

Most new online casinos offer only insignificant no-deposit bonuses, counting for below 100 Australian dollars. So, the conclusion on bonuses in new gambling facilities can be made as such: today, most of these places attract players to their newly opened doors with generous deposit bonuses and a large selection of games, but they almost don’t have no-deposit offers.

We’ll remind you, however, that on the Australian online gambling market, it is considered a rule of good tone to allow to cash out money obtained from no-deposit bonuses after meeting all requirements of a wager (in addition to allowing it to be put on bets further on). That’s in good contrast to most other casinos suited for the rest of the world, where this money mostly can’t be withdrawn.

New online casinos Australia

Why having a welcome bonus is ripper for gamblers

The most obvious reason for any welcome bonus that’s given by new or already existing online gambling facilities for a gambler is having free money to play. Without meeting wager rules, it cannot be withdrawn. However, consider it as a pressie for those desiring to become acquainted with games hosted by this online casino.

Using free money, gamblers from all over have a possibility to play and investigate, what games are there, what their features are, and whether they like to continue playing them. If there was no such a welcome pressie, a significantly lesser amount of people would like to explore because of the need to spend their own money, as not all pokies and other types of games offer a no-money (demo) play.

But the main difference of money given as a pressie by the casino’s administration from demo play is that, in addition to simply having fun, you have all the chances of winning real money! The chances are the same as for the rest of the players, who bet money they’ve deposited. Unbiased and un-forged rules of playing free money eventually should make you win, and all money on the account is yours (after meeting wager conditions), so you can withdraw it from the account straight to your online wallet, card, cryptocurrency or whatever the channels offer.

How to receive a bonus?

Claiming a bonus is usually very simple and is done through the system of promo codes. You should pick one of them (they’re usually located at one of the pages of the online casinos’ website) and enter it in a special field to let the system recognize it. Shortly after that, the bonus corresponding to that promo code will be granted to your account in a casino. 

Also, bonuses may be granted automatically unless a punter doesn’t directly say he or she doesn’t want to receive it (usually, by marking the checkbox). Sometimes, instead of a promo code, there is simply a button in the interface, pressing which, a bonus is granted to your account. Usually, the buttons are assigned to automatic welcome bonuses to ease up the process of their receiving, and they are not assigned to other types of bonuses, which have a set of conditions to be reached to claim them. 

Another – rarer – process of receiving a bonus is to ask the administration to grant it to you. It usually happens in outdated or old online casinos, which do not recognize somehow the promo codes system and they set a condition of claiming bonuses through correspondence with gamblers. Whether this is such simply because owners of such online casinos want to make sure there is a real person behind every account or whether they discard any progress – it’s hard to say.

Why gamblers sign up to new online casinos anyway?

A new casino is always a ‘black box’ when it first appears on the market. It has neither a large user database yet, nor established money fund to pay its gamblers, nor smooth processes in every its workflow. So why gamblers sign up to new casinos?

There is a list of reasons:

  • Despite usual inability to provide huge wins, new online casinos lure players with more flamboyant offers that top the market. Those offers are usually manifested in insanely appealing welcome bonuses, which are impossible to find in long-established gambling facilities with tens or hundreds of thousands of gamblers. 
  • Whilst it would seem that market newcomers usually have to start with a humble number of games and providers, many of them, on the contrary, have at least hundred pokies alone, not mentioning other types of games. With this, they cater to broad audiences, which allows them gaining a large user database.
  • For the sake of popularizing their casinos, owners can increase RTP rates of pokies, deliver bigger wins, host better paying and more frequent tournaments, and do a lot of other things with more advantageous offers for players than in other places.
  • What’s good is that you can become the first-ever person to leave your feedback about the work of the casino on third-party sites and thousands of people will read it and take into consideration. Be the one who creates the casino’s reputation! Isn’t it feel good?
  • In the end, it is simply exciting to find out and try something new, feeling as a discoverer of America.
New casinos and new games are fun

The risks of entering into play in newly appeared online casinos

Now as you know the basic advantages of entering new inline casinos, you should be aware of the list of downsides they may have.

  • A humble client base means the casino won’t be able to pay out swiftly a large amount of winning, should it occur. If such a casino doesn’t have a mother structure it can rely on financially or it does not have a specially created fund for such cases by its owners, then large winnings (let’s say, over AUD 100,000) may take not only months but also years to be paid out, as they will be paid from money accumulated from other gamblers over time. And if this online gambling facility won’t gain clients as it has planned to, it may close and leave a winner even without payment at all or some of its part.
  • When a business just starts, it will have rough processes here and there. A website can have bugs, the design may not look good across all screen resolutions and operational systems, there may be no mobile app for your device, the client support service may not respond to your questions promptly or ignore your requests at all, and a website may experience troubles with all-day-round operability. If that’s the case(s) you’ve faced with in this or that online casino and they really interfere with your gaming progress and fun, you can always stop playing until the issues are resolved. Not minding insignificant downturns, however, you can enjoy your gambling. Also, finding bugs on this stage and reporting them to the casino’s administration, you can win their loyalty to you and even have some bonuses for being attentive and honest. 
  • You never know if this casino a scam. When it comes to the selection of a casino to play, most places have a distinctively shaped reputation. It is easily traced through third-party websites with reviews of real gamblers. But that’s almost never available for newcomers – nobody has ever played them, so nobody’s here to leave feedback. And if you’re not planning to explore the online casino spending your own money, that’s super. If yes, then it is strongly advised so you start with humble amounts to find out financial safety.
  • Some limits in amounts of withdrawal may be frustratingly mediocre for high rollers, limiting their winnings’ withdrawal, splitting them to several or even tens of transactions. 
  • Malfunctions specifically or unknowingly programmed to create casinos’ advantage – that is, if a bug occurs that impacts the result of the game (win/lose), the casino always wins. That may also be the case with fraudulent casinos, so be aware should you meet such an approach in any gambling house.

When you’re playing one of the casinos you see on our website, then you may be sure it is risk-free, as our dedicated team of gambling professionals is constantly monitoring the market situation, finding out for our readers lots of new yet safe casinos, which we can recommend without losing our dignified name. When some new offer is found on the market, we are amongst the first explorers to see everything with our own eyes. Also, we scrupulously investigate all available information about the casino that has recently appeared:

  • Who are its founders, whether there is any mother organisation
  • What reputations its founders have and whether they have any previous gambling experience
  • Licenses obtained by the casino and whether there are any precautions or constraints connected to them
  • Safety and security: your personal data has to be protected, your financial transactions and data has to be securely encrypted by modern 256-bit protocols
  • Payment methods should suit Aussies and must offer a selection from at least 4 channels, all accepting AUD currency without additional conversion fees
  • Different aspects of the casino itself – from fun, technical, and financial sides.

Gathered information allows us to rate the casino and estimate whether to recommend it to our readers or to mark it as dubious. Be the first to receive information about our novelties in the world of online casinos – subscribe to our newsletter!

Is it possible to play without signing up?

New and existing online gambling facilities offer two ways of playing: for money and for free. Advantages of playing for money are the feeling of adrenaline rushing in veins, the possibility to win some prize ranging from cents to over a million of dollars, and general entertainment’s hype, which is simply impossible without depositing real money. The disadvantage of money gamble is that you can lose all your money, especially playing the high-risk games like roulettes (although, this risk is very small in most pokies, as they’re intended for a prolonged fun due to their high rate of return to the player through dense series of consecutive wins).

Advantages of playing without money are that you can explore the gambling process of pokies or other games you’re interested in, to see how the casino generally works, and to decide for yourself whether you find fun to play here or not. Disadvantages of playing for no money are these:

  • You will never know the real RTP or volatility, as in the demo mode, these indicators are generally skewed (as there are no requirements of official licensing bodies to design demos completely the same as full-fledged games or those requirements are recommendatory).
  • You can’t win real money. Never.
  • An item directly connected to the previous – there’s no adrenaline. Win – good. No win – respin. Fun is at the level of the floor. 
  • Not every pokie and game offers demo version, so some simply must be paid. 
  • Demo versions tend to be limited in time, virtual money given to the balance or the IP of a computer. Thus, you simply can’t play demos for an indefinite time. 

So, the simple answer to the question whether it is possible to play without signing up is yes but you will be offered only demo versions and there will be a few of them. When you create an account, you receive access to full possibilities of online casinos, including money-based bonuses, promotions through levels (to receive even better bonuses), and other features. Also, some gambling houses do not even make it possible for unregistered users to play.

Are all online casinos safe?

Definitely, no. There is the business of many scams to go online and, by utilizing relative freedom and anonymity that the Internet provides, to gather money from people for the services that dramatically differ from the services of dinkum casinos. The ways scams may scam you are: forbidding you access to your account after you make a deposit of real money; not paying your winnings, disallowing to withdraw them; blocking your account should some significant winning occur; offering to play in unfair pokies with biased RTP, which only works in favour of the casino; operating without the license; selling your financial and/or personal information to third parties for money, specifically without your consent or against your refusal, should you impose any; offering games from unfair providers with skewed mechanics and chances, and other ways of phishing your money out of your pocket.

So, if there are so many scams around, how can I find a dinkum casino to play?

That’s what we are here for. Our dedicated team of casino professionals with many-year experience in online and ground-based casino operations is here to define the quality of casinos out there, make their reviews, and all possible studies connected to those online gambling institutions to find out what they really are. Scams are filtered off by our team, and they receive fully deserved dishonour in reviews, whilst dinkum casinos have much hails and support from us. Thus, you see what we recommend to play.

What security precautions should I take when playing online casinos?

As online gambling is always a portion of risk not only on the field of pokies and your luck but also the financial side of entertainment, we recommend undertaking such safety precautions.

  • You will never know the real RTP or volatility, as in the demo mode, these indicators are generally skewed (as there are no requirements of official licensing bodies to design demos completely the same as full-fledged games or those requirements are recommendatory).
  • You can’t win real money. Never.
  • An item directly connected to the previous – there’s no adrenaline. Win – good. No win – respin. Fun is at the level of the floor. 
  • Not every pokie and game offers demo version, so some simply must be paid. 
  • Demo versions tend to be limited in time, virtual money given to the balance or the IP of a computer. Thus, you simply can’t play demos for an indefinite time. 

Is playing mobile apps of new online casinos Australia 2021 better than on their websites?

Yes because the power of mobile phones is much bigger than the usual power of PCs or laptops. Also, it is much more convenient to play when you lay in your bed or sit in an office chair during your leisure time, as you’re holding a phone comfortably. Smoother gameplay is the most common reason for the choice of an app.

Can I gamble in a free mode?

Of course, you can do it in Australia. Most player-loyal online casinos offer to play for free. This is a great chance for players to get acquainted with a game and decide if they wish to invest real money in it and make real bets.

Are there legal casino sites for Aussie players?

It is illegal for online casinos to provide gambling for Australian citizens but it is 100% legal for Aussies to gamble online, so this is not your worry, it’s theirs.

How do I decide what to play?

Most gamblers newcomers start to play with pokies – they don’t require skills and they won’t make you lose large thanks to a huge amount of small and medium wins per a unit of time. When you visit pages of online casinos recommended on our websites, for mere visiting the link, you can receive extra bonuses from this casino, which only granted to users coming from our website.

Are my winnings safe and unbiased?

If you’re playing in one of recommended licensed casinos with at least a few people saying good words to support its reputation on third-party feedback websites, you can be sure in the safety of your winnings and unbiased game, as it is based on random number generator principle. Playing any other casino will not guarantee any of these.