Best Online Roulette Australia

Roulette is a quite popular casino game, which originated centuries ago. Since then, the development of the game has caused many variations of it located on the best online roulette Australia websites. Let’s consider Roulette as is, its rules, variations, and odds of winnings. Also, let’s fander at the best online casinos for roulette in the country.


Roulette as we know it today is a French invention of the 18th century. The origins of the best roulette online games are believed to have occurred earlier, in the 17th century, when a primitive version of the game was introduced to society by a well-known today scientist, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, and writer Blaise Pascal (our readers know the family name of the guy from the school physics class, as Pascal is the physical unit to measure pressure).

From being initially only the game of tops of social circles, it quickly became widespread everywhere. The sources of its popularity are an unbiased game (thanks to understandable mathematical chances of the occurrence of some number on its wheel), low house advantage in all scenarios, and an easy principle of making bets.

In roulette, a gambler makes a bet on the probability of receiving a number, each of which has different odds of occurring and bringing money in the case of victory. Payouts start with 1 to 1 and end with 36/37/38 to 1 (the difference in the latter odd depends on the type of the chosen roulette game). The mathematical probability of the occurrence of some specific bet ranges from 2.63% to 46.37%. Obviously, the bigger odd of receiving the bet there is the lower payout it brings.

The best online roulette includes three elements: a table to place bets, a wheel that spins, and a ball that rolls in the opposite direction to the spin of the wheel. Eventually, after losing the energy of the initial push, the ball lands onto some cell with a number. That’s how the victory or loss is defined in land-based casinos. Online is even easier, and the process is based today on the RNG.

The layout of the wheel of the best online roulette for real money Australia may have from 1 to 3 zeroes, which technically define the percentage of the house edge in the game. There are 4 most widespread variations of roulette, which range in the house advantage from 1.35% to 7.69%. We’re yabbering more about the types of roulette games in the heading ‘Types of Online Roulette’.

There is always some house advantage on the best online roulette sites, as otherwise, it would not make sense for the casino to provide gambling. However, thanks to high possibilities of winning (and high numbers of it when a specific number is guessed), the game attracts millions of people today.

One interesting event in roulette as the game occurred on August 18, 1913, in Monte Carlo casino: the ball landed onto the black cell 26 times in a row, completely confusing bettors and the casino employees. Everyone who was betting against black lost collectively millions of dollars (in modern money). The occurrence of this sequence is 1 to 66.7 million. Since then, such a sequence did not repeat anywhere in the world (if speaking about unbiased games). This happening helped mathematical statistics as science to progress and such a notion as ‘Gambler’s fallacy’ gained a vivid life example.

What is Online Roulette?

Online roulette Australia real money is still the game of chance today as it has always been. Games of chance are those, where each consequential number isn’t dependent on the previous, thus, the chances of winning or losing are purely within the brace of mathematical probability in each next round.

Thanks to making the game online, billions of users of Internet-connected devices can play it from anywhere at any convenient time of the night or day. Online roulette Australia real money is played on thousands of websites of funhouses, providing a number of channels of convenient replenishment of accounts and withdrawals from them (including Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank accounts, e-wallets, bitcoins, and others).

Best Online Roulette Sites

Here is the list of the best online roulette Australia websites:

  1. AUD 5.000 welcome bonus (WB), minimum deposit (MD) is AUD 20.
  2. King Johnnie. AUD 6.000 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  3. Ozwin Casino. AUD 4.000 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  4. Pokies Parlour. AUD 7.777 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  5. Guns Bet. Luck’n’Load. AUD 1.000 WB, MD is AUD 30.
  6. AUD 4.000 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  7. AUD 1.500 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  8. AUD 300 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  9. AUD 5.000 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  10. Ignition Casino. AUD 2.350 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  11. Raging Bull Casino. AUD 3.500 WB, MD is AUD 35.
  12. Planet 7 Oz. AUD 4.000 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  13. FairGo Casino. AUD 1.000 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  14. AUD 1.500 WB, MD is AUD 10.
  15. Joe Fortune. AUD 1.500 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  16. WildCardCity Casino. AUD 5.000 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  17. Uptown Pokies Casino. AUD 8.888 WB, MD is AUD 20.
  18. 225% WB, MD is AUD 20.
  19. TrueBlue Casino. AUD 2.000 WB, MD is AUD 50.
  20. Liberty Slots. AUD 777 WB, MD is AUD 10.

Types of Online Roulette

Now let’s consider existing types of roulette.

The ‘Golden Standard’ of today’s gaming industry is American roulette with 2 zero sectors on the wheel. Other variants are:

  • European roulette (1 zero sector)
  • French roulette (also 1 zero but the bet is not lost entirely if zero occurs – only half of it)
  • Triple-zero option (it has several commercial names but none is considered official).

Let’s look at house edges in each option (from lowest to highest):

When zero occurs, almost always all bets are lost (except those, which were put specifically at zero or including it). Some variations of rules do not allow placing bets on zero (rarely).

Depending on the number of zeroes, the wheel contains a different number of cells, ranging from 37 to 39. There may exist options of the wheel without zero but they are extremely seldom, as they don’t provide a house advantage by default, and the math of odds and bet returns is changed to compensate for it. As it is a fairly unpopular type of online roulette Australia real money, we’re not considering it here.

Now let’s look at more exotic options of the game.

Multi-ball. The same as having only 1 zero seemed boring to inventors of more-than-one-zero roulette games, some people thought it’s too boring to have only 1 ball. What fun that would be to have 2, 3, 4, or even more balls, right?! The games of such variances of the best online roulette are not too different from the games with 1 ball – at least, not in the gaming table or principle of betting itself.

But significant changes are as follows. The cells on the rotating wheel are the same small enough only for 1 ball to hit them, so all involved balls land on different cells. That will make as many cells occupied at the end of the round so as many balls are involved. A player can bet on 1 or more cells – up to the number of cells that’s equal to the number of balls in the game. But all winnings are split into the number of balls.

For instance, if a regular victory of a player correctly guessing 1 number would be 35 to 1, then in the 2-ball game, the victory brings only 35:2. In the 3-ball game, the victory brings 35:3. The same is for more number of balls. But more than 1 bet can win, obviously. For instance, if a player wins 3 out of 4 bets (in a 4-ball game), correctly guessing a number, then he or she is paid 35:4+35:4+35:4.

So, just to let you feel the math correctly, after betting 30 bucks in 4 bets on the occurrence of some specific 4 numbers on the field in a round, a player wins (35:4+35:4+35:4)*30-30*4=667.5 bucks in the net income. In this scheme, actually, even if 1 bet out of 4 wins, there still will be a net winning (142.5 bucks in this specific case) and the pure net loss only occurs if all four bets lose (which is around 88% chance, not 97% like it is the case with the 1-ball game). So the more balls are in the play, the bigger are the player’s chances to win.

Spingo best online casino roulette. It is a combination of Bingo and Roulette. Here, instead of picking from 2 color possibilities and from 1 to 36/37/38, the player picks the bet from 1 to 10 and has 3 color options (usually, yellow, red, and blue). Also, the green zero sector is present. Also, bets on even/odd are allowed. When all bets are made, the balls of the values from 1 to 10 begin to whirl under the spinning wheel and one of them is pushed on the field with cells, where it eventually lands. The resulting number is the winner.

Various ‘elite’, ‘luxury’, ‘VIP’, ‘premier’, or ‘diamond’ editions of usual roulette aren’t new types of the best online roulette Australia. Rather, they’re only slight visual upgrades, which add more pompousness to the game’s perception and may alter minimal/maximal bets.

How to Play on Online Roulette

If to yabber about classic types of the best online roulette, then betting is possible in 18 options:

  • ‘Straight Up’ – any individual number, including zero (the payment is 35 to 1), the probability is 2.63%
  • ‘Split’ – any two numbers touching one another on the betting field (17 to 1), 5.26%
  • ‘Basket’ – 1-2-3 or 0-2-3 (11:1), 7.89%
  • ‘Street’ – any 2 numbers horizontally (11:1), 7.89%
  • ‘Corner’ – any 4 numbers touching one another on the betting field (8:1), 10.53%
  • ‘6-Line’ – any 6 numbers out of 2 rows (5:1), 15.79%
  • ‘1 Column’ – 1/4/7/10/13/16/19/22/25/28/31/34
  • ‘2 Column’ – 2/5/8/11/14/17/20/23/26/29/32/35
  • ‘3 Column’ – 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30/33/36. All Columns are paid 2 to 1. Also, they have a chance of occurring 31.58%
  • ‘1 Dozen’ – 1-12
  • ‘2 Dozen’ – 13-24
  • ‘3 Dozen’ – 25-36. All Dozens have 31.58% odds of occurring and paid the same as Columns
  • ‘Odd’ – any odd number on the wheel. 1:1 (46.37%)
  • ‘Even’ – any even number on the wheel. 1:1 (46.37%)
  • ‘Black’ – any black number on the wheel. 1:1 (46.37%)
  • ‘Red’ – any red number on the wheel. 1:1 (46.37%)
  • ‘1-18’ – any number from 1 to 18 inclusively. 1:1 (46.37%)
  • ‘19-36’ – any number from 19 to 36 inclusively. 1:1 (46.37%).

The strategy of betting in online roulette in Australia depends on the desire and bankroll of the gambler. For instance, the lowest-paying bets have the most chances of occurring (and the least chances of not occurring, like, 1.056 to 1), and therefore, are most preferable to be used by those gamers who have low bankrolls and the desire to win as frequently as possible. The highest-paid bets, therefore, are suitable for gamblers with high bankrolls and the desire to ‘tickle nerves’.


Playing roulette is fun and easy. This game is suitable for gamers with all ranges of bankrolls, and it is similar to online pokies in the RTP indicator in the long run. Playing it delivers excitement not less than one would receive playing it live. The convenience of the online process attracts millions of people to give it a burl.