Blackjack online

Blackjack online is a game that’s alternatively known as ‘Twenty One’ or “Pip” (the latter is true for some Asian and out-of EU European countries). It is widely played across all continents in land-based casinos, in homes of millions of people during parties and card evenings, and, of course, in hundreds of thousands of online casinos all over. In Australia, you may meet online blackjack in such gambling institutions: King Johnnie Casino, CasinoNic, Ozwin Casino, Kahuna Casino, and Play Croco Casino, among the rest.

Rules of the game

The rules of playing this game are one of the simplest from all card games that exist in the world. No wonder, this game has become the most popular after Poker card game. Surely, poker is much more intricate than Twenty-One, but it is less a game of chance and much more a game of knowledge and experience of gambling (that’s not mentioning the super high bets that are sometimes done in poker, which attract people), and that’s why it is the card game #1 today. For those, however, who aren’t ready to deal with all those rules and intricacies of playing poker, blackjack is exactly the case for relaxation and fun time.

The goal in blackjack is to collect 21 points (or ‘blackjack’) or the sum of values of cards on one hand as close to this number as possible (but not more than that). Ace is considered 1 or 11 at the discretion of players, all picture cards are 10, and the rest of the cards, from 2 to 9, count for their denomination value.

The game is usually made against the dealer (or the casino, which is represented by a dealer in an online and land-based game). That’s pretty simple: if a gambler has more points than a dealer has (yet, not more than 21), he wins. Oppositely, he loses. If there is a draw, nobody wins.

A dealer holds a shuffled card deck and gives everyone playing (there may be more than 1 player opposing to a dealer) 1 card at first with an opened face. He takes a card for himself, too. The second card is given to everyone with an opened face but the dealer has a closed face. Then the further rules and strategies of the game enacted:

  • Having 21 by someone, including a dealer, people claim their winnings.
  • Taking more cards. If a player considers he has good chances to get 21 or close without busting (going above 21), he orders another card. It is usually done when a player has from 2 to 12 on a hand.
  • Staying. When a player considers he can go bust, he stays, not taking more cards. This usually happens with 13 or more are on a hand.
  • Splitting. If a player has 2 cards of the same value, playing them as two separate hands, doubling bets, is possible.
  • Betting on insurance when a player believes a dealer must have 10-point card picked from the deck next.
  • Surrendering – to lose only half of the bet, not all (if a player believes, he will definitely lose).

The general rules are as follows for a dealer: picking one more card is obligatory when the held number is 16 or less, whilst staying is obligatory when having 17 or more. Out of all the possibilities of card combinations, the chances of winning are not only purely based on luck but also on wise taking or not taking cards by a player to beat a dealer. For instance, it would be wise to refrain from taking if you have from 17 to 20 in two initial cards.

Despite seemingly obvious 50/50 chances of winning by both sides and the absence of hope to enlarge your capital fast by playing this game, there is the slight mathematical advantage of a casino in blackjack, from 0.17% to 0.66% (depending on how many decks of cards are used simultaneously in the shuffle machine or dealer’s shoe).

The advantage of this game online is that you can play much time before losing big. It is the impossibility to lose large made this game popular among players, in addition to simplicity and feeling of adrenaline rushing through veins. Also, playing online is advantageous for those players who can’t visit a land-based casino or far from it (or if casinos are banned in their country).

You can play for money and even for free in many online locations. To start playing it, nothing really needed but the desire and the registration on one of the gambling websites.